Research Report

Discover the key findings of the "Democracy over Disinformation" research report: a comprehensive survey involving participants from Lithuania, Germany, Italy, and other EU countries. This critical study explores the impacts of disinformation on democratic processes and the role of media literacy in countering fake news. With insights from over 426 citizens across Europe, the report sheds light on how disinformation affects public trust, engagement in democratic activities, and the prevalent sources and topics of fake news.

This report is crucial for educators, policymakers, media professionals, and concerned citizens aiming to strengthen democracy and counter the tide of misinformation. By delving into the habits, perceptions, and media literacy levels of Europeans, it offers valuable insights into the current media landscape and proposes actionable solutions for improving public awareness and resilience against disinformation.

If you're interested in understanding the challenges posed by fake news and seeking strategies to promote informed, critical engagement with media, this report is an essential resource. Download it now to contribute to a more informed and democratic society.

Download Research report HERE