The "Democracy over Disinformation" (D.o.D.) methodical tool is designed to combat fake news and misinformation by enhancing media literacy among citizens. This educational resource aims to distinguish between misinformation, which is spread without intent to deceive, and disinformation, which is false information spread deliberately to mislead. By understanding the nuances of these concepts, users can better navigate the digital information landscape.

The D.o.D. tool is crucial for promoting informed decision-making and protecting democratic discourse from the corrosive effects of false information. It is particularly useful for educators, journalists, students, and anyone engaged in the digital world seeking to critically assess the credibility of information and understand the mechanisms behind the spread of fake news.

The mission of this tool aligns with the broader goal of fostering a well-informed, discerning public capable of resisting manipulative information tactics. By doing so, it supports the principles of democracy by ensuring that citizens can make decisions based on accurate, reliable information.

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