Project Partners

Unique Projects (Lithuania)

The "Unique Projects" association brings together proactive young individuals focused on broadening youth activities, promoting self-development, and nurturing creative and thoughtful personalities. We emphasize the importance of moral values, culture, work, and artistic skills through action, non-formal learning, and community inclusiveness. Our goal is to foster an active, friendly society by encouraging active participation, communication, and exploration of new cultures and traditions. Actively involved in both international Erasmus+ projects and local initiatives on health, sports, entrepreneurship, and more, we aim to address topics relevant to today's youth. With over 30 members aged 16 to 29, primarily scholars and students, we maintain strong ties with educational institutions.

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CEIPES (Italy)

The association operates at local, European and international level in synergy with more than 100 organizations, bodies and institutions with the aim of improving methodologies and technologies in the field of education, developing innovative strategies and tools by participating in work with young people and adults, training and research through territorial and international cooperation.

At European and international level, CEIPES works closely with more than 50 NGOs, universities and public bodies. The objective pursued by all partners is to bring about positive change and facilitate social cohesion in the protection of human rights and the active participation of all individuals for their full personal and collective fulfilment.

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Einzigartige Projekte (Germany)

Einzigartige Projekte is non-governmental, non-profit organisation

Organisation consists of people from 18 till 40 years.

Organisation seeks to foster activity of young people in social and civic life, to develop their professional and personal competences, involve them into local and civic initiatives.

To foster life-long learning and fluent integration of youngsters and young immigrants into society and job market, to reduce social gap and inequality, to promote tolerance and diversity.

Organisation aims to create favourable conditions for each young person to learn, grow and create, to develop their personalities and capabilities.

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