Democracy over Disinformation

Seeks to explore what effects disinformation and other interferences have for democratic debate and to counter it by improving media literacy of citizens.

EU Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV)

“Democracy over Disinformation” project aims to investigate the impact of disinformation and other distractions on democratic debate and to combat these phenomena by improving citizens' media literacy. The project is implemented by 3 organizations in 3 European countries - Lithuania, Germany and Italy.

1. To raise awareness about the phenomena of disinformation and fake news and the importance of media literacy, especially in relation to democratic debate.

2. To promote intersectional cooperation by including municipalities, libraries, universities in the project, schools, (youth) non-governmental organizations, youth centers and thus ensure the project success.

3. To create a network of partnerships between Eastern, Western and Southern European countries to work together for the EU's prosperity and spread its values.

Project activities

  1. Public debates about fake news phenomena, media communication and government’s decisions.

  2. Discussions about disinformation’s effects for democratic processes and functionality.

  3. Trainings and workshops with professionals for improving media literacy.

  4. Survey research for collecting opinions from local citizens.

  5. Creating a tool for promoting media literacy and for informing citizens how to identify disinformation.

Project partners

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